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The NSW Country Solar and Redfern Power Story

Our Founder Will Redfern was born on a farm in Wellington. He grew up on a mixed farm just outside of town – so he understands the complex power needs associated with owning a property.

Will started Redfern Power Solutions in 2014, after ten years experience as an industrial electrician, working for Wellington Council and Essential Energy.

What began as a one man show (with the support of his wonderful wife, of course!) has grown to a team of six – and we are even looking for more. (See available jobs here.)

While we specialise in solar power solutions, we are also a one stop shop for all your electrical and telecommunications needs.

Central West Solar Experts

Will has always embraced technology – he likes to try new things and play with gadgets.

When he saw the benefits solar power could provide – and the demand for quality systems in the Western Region, he extended the business to include this service. He saw it as a win-win – for the environment and for power bills!

Our team has experience installing many different systems, but have found LG to be superior in quality. NSW Country Solar and Redfern Power Solutions is now the preferred supplier of LG Solar solutions in the Central West. Our partnership with them means we can guarantee the best quality solar systems – everytime.

We are also accredited Tesla battery solution providers providing a stable supply of power for your home or business.

A Quality Solar System

Our company motto is ‘do it once, do it properly.’ 

We get frustrated when we see systems that are only 18 months old, failing or not working to their full potential. This just shouldn’t be the case.

Our customers in the Central West deserve the highest standards. Your solar system should last at least 25 years and it should consistently save you 50 – 70% off your normal electricity bill. Anything else is just not good enough, in our humble opinion.

That’s why we only install LG solar panels. Each one comes with a 25 year guarantee, which is the best guarantee in the industry.

All our work is in house – we don’t subcontract at any part of the process. From the first call, through to design, installation and maintenance – we do it all ourselves.

Busting Solar Energy Myths

There is a lot of misinformation out there about solar energy.

Unfortunately, some providers use this lack of clarity to sell their inferior product. They are relying on customers not understanding what they should expect.

So we have made it our mission to educate people about their power needs. We believe people should be armed with all the information they need to make an informed decision.

We help you understand the complex Australian power market by helping you read your bills correctly, to better inform your choices and guide changing your energy usage behaviours.

We educate people on how the solar rebates work, so that you can understand how you are saving money.

We explain the ins and outs of the installation process, so that you fully understand the logic behind our recommendations for your home or business.

We validate your sustainability choices and show you exactly how you’re making a difference.

No Job Is Too Big

We like to take on complex jobs – the one’s others shy away from.

We’re talking about the tricky roofs – and the big rural jobs which involve some telecommunications aspects too.

When you want to have remote solar on a shed, that has to come back through to the house to make it work – we have the solution.

Meet some of the team

Will Redfern

Will Redfern

Electrician Owner MD

Paul McManus

Labour Solar Roofer

Zac McManus

4 Year Apprentice and Solar Roofer

Thomas Swainston

Apprentice Electrical and Solar Roofer

Matt Scott


Will Jameson

Apprentice Electrical and Solar Roofer

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